Journey in the discovery of oil

The Life of Oil

With olive oil, the sooner, the better. Olive oil is not like wine, it does not get better with time. This is why it is so important to always look at the “best by” date on the oil you buy. The younger the oil, the better. All our oils include a batch number (for production tracking purposes) and a best by date. Olive oil should be consumed within 2 years from production.

We know it is convenient to keep the oil close to the oven, but because olive oil doesn’t like heat, it should be kept far away from the oven, stove etc. Olive oil does best in temperatures of 18°C to 21°C.

Keep your oil away from direct light. Think of keeping it in a dark cupboard or storage area as ultraviolet rays can break down olive oil over time.

Air can also degrade olive oil. Once you open a bottle, use your oil quickly. We recommend using your olive oil with 3 to 6 months after opening.

Don’t wait for tomorrow by saving your oil for that “special” day, enjoy life today. Rather buy smaller units of olive oil according to your olive oil needs.

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