How To Order

How to order

Whether you are looking to buy single units, a couple of boxes or bulk – we have a solution for you!

If your are looking to buy over 500kgs of product per month, you are in our bulk range and should drop us an email. Contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

You can buy both box and unit quantity on our online shop.

Option One: Our Online Shop

We’ve divided our online shop into 4 different sections:

  • Cosmetics (all our oils to assist cosmetic clients to find what they need quickly)
  • Hospitality (oils loved by our chefs in box quantities)
  • Kitchen Pantry (unit quantites of all our products)
  • Gifts (the perfect house warming and corporate gift solution)

We also have a handy search tool bar on the left hand side of our page. Simply input the type of oil you are looking for, scroll down and pick the oil you are wanting.

We’ve hunted for the best courier who not only provides amazing service, but they provide it at a great price! Our courier costs currently (07.09.2020) are a flat R115.00 for every 25kgs and then R6.00 for every 1kg thereafter. So, if you buy 30kgs worth of product, you will be charged: (30 – 25 = 5kgs. 5kgs x R6 = R30. R30 + R 115 = R145)

Our courier delivers to anywhere in South Africa and our cart allows you to calculate your shipping fees before proceeding. Simply select your province, town and zip code and click update.

Option Two: Direct Purchase

Not a fan of the online world and live close to our factory?

  • Drop us an email or phone into our office and place your order.
  • A sales order confirmation will be email to you from our friendly receptionist Julie.
  • Make an EFT payment and send Julie your POP.
  • Once your payment reflects in our bank account, Julie will set up an appointment for you to come and collect.
  • If you are running late, please ensure that you give Julie a ring and let her know. Our appointments are staggered to ensure that we can deal with each client swiftly and efficiently.

Note that due to Covid, and being in the food industry, we adhere to strict safety measures.
You will not be allowed inside without a mask on, we only allow one visitor in at a time, we will need to take your temperature and document it accordingly and you will be required to use our hand sanitizer. We also request that you bring your own pen. For our elderly clientele, we ask that you open your boot, let Julie know that you have arrived telephonically and stay safe in your car.

Your well being is our top concern.

Fried Turkey 1

Deep-Fried Turkey

Preparation, Cooking, and Total Time: Prep Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: About 42 minutes for a 5.5kg Turkey at about 175C Total Time: Approximately 1

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Lime Juice 250ml

Lime Juice: The Unsung Hero of Our Kitchens and Bars

“Lime juice is the zesty hero elevating our dishes, drinks, and health. From boosting metabolism and adding a Vitamin C kick to transforming cocktails like mojitos and margaritas, discover why everyone’s loving the lime. Dive into the versatile world of lime juice: your kitchen’s secret weapon and bar’s MVP

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Sesame Seed Oil 250ml

Six Imaginative Ways to Employ Toasted Sesame Oil

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