Honouring the Women Around Us

Women's Day

At Wilson’s Foods, we are blessed to work with incredible women. All our female employees come from different walks of life and have all encountered different struggles. They have all won wars, physically and mentally and are all fighting different battles. You would never know it by looking at them though.

An important lesson which we are always reminded of by our bosses is to always love and respect everyone equally. That we never know what other people are going through. To be part of a company that values every single employee, and that celebrates each employee is an amazing thing to be part of.

It is a rare opportunity that we get to shine the light on our leaders and thank them for being incredible. As today is Women’s Day, we as employees of Wilson’s Foods felt it was the perfect opportunity to shine the light on our newest Director – Marcelle Curtis.

Marcelle comes with over 26 years’ experience in Marketing and over 17 years’ experience in Sales. We have a joke at work that when Marcelle goes out to visit customers we are in for trouble because no one can sell better than Marcelle and she always comes back with tons of new orders for us to load and manufacture. She comes with a wealth of information. Every day we learn something new from her and are inspired by her.

We asked some of our staff to describe Marcelle. What came back was: “Ambitious”, “Compassionate”. “She is the most kind-hearted person”. “She is a loving and wonderful woman and I love her”. “She’s a go getter, an opportunist. She is a woman with drive force and lots of encouragement. She can turn every penny into a dollar. On top of that she is a very warm, loving, caring and wonderful boss. She always understands you and makes time if you need her. She also makes you feel that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. She is just incredibly special in many ways”. “Marcelle is a dreamer. She dreams the biggest dreams, sets out goals to help make them reality and makes them happen. She is a go-getter who doesn’t let the words can’t or impossible defeat her”.

On the 1st of March 2020 we changed from Wilson Thorp Foods cc to The Oil People (Pty) Ltd. Marcelle stepped into a new Director role at this point and made her dreams reality for our company. Even though our country has had a rough ride these past 5 months thanks to Covid19, Marcelle hasn’t stopped dreaming and already made a few of her dreams a reality.  

Marcelle, we are super proud to have you as our #bosslady. Thank you for inspiring us daily and for reminding us that we too can dream and can turn those dreams into reality.

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  1. BOSSSSSSSSSSSSSLADYYYYYYYYYY!!! We love this woman so much.. Everything she touches turns to GOLD, as she has a HEART of GOLD.. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING MARCELLE!!!!!

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