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We’re Going Crazy for Coconuts

Wilson’s Foods sell a “refined” / odourless version of Coconut, in lots of sizes, ranging from a 375 ml jar to an 20kg bag-in-box. Coconut Oil is solid at temperatures of below 25° C, and one may have to immerse the vessel in hot water before use.

Although the oil comprises 90% saturated fat, three of the component acids (lauric-, capric-, and caprylic acids) are claimed to offer countless health benefits.

Coconut Oil is great for topical use (in your hair, as a natural nutrient) and on one’s skin as a massage medium. It also offers anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities (inter alia). Finally, coconut oil is also favoured as an ingredient in making soap. Although it has minimal coconut flavour, it has got a popular “mouth-feel”.

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