Olive Oil – Fun Facts

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  • In order to produce 1 litre of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 5kg of olives need to be pressed.
  • Black Olives / Green Olives, nope all olives start out green in colour and then darken to black as they ripen.
  • The world on average consumes approximately 2.25 million tons of olive oil each year.
  • An olive tree can live anywhere between 300 and 600 years.
  • The South African olive industry comprises more than 120 olive producers, 90% of them based in the Western Cape because of its temperate, Mediterranean climate.
  • Italian immigrant, Ferdinando Costa, established the first groves in Paarl and commercial olive farming began when Costa produced the first olive oil in 1936.
  • During the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens, the old tradition of crowning Olympians with sprays from olive trees was reinstated. Over 2,550 olive branches were used to revive this ancient tradition.
  • Baked goods will last longer when you substitute butter in a recipe for as the naturally high content of vitamin E and polyphenols helps provide a longer shelf life.
  • Processing olives below 30 degrees Celsius keeps oxidation levels and aroma intact.
  • Olive oil itself is naturally free from cholesterol, sodium, and carbohydrates.
  • In ancient Rome, the defeated side during war would hold up an olive branch to indicate that they were pleading for peace. According to Christian mythology, during the great flood, Noah send the dove in search of land, when it returned it was carrying an olive leaf.

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