How To Use Olive Oil In Cooking

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For many thousands of years olive oil has been go-to ingredient used for everything from baking , cooking, salads or even in soups. Finding the right use for each type of olive oil n your cooking will help to enhance the flavour of what ever food you are preparing.

The stronger olive oils are best for cooking with seafood and meat or in a marinade over peppers, garlic and onions.
Extra virgin olive oil is great for frying thanks to its higher smoke point. Shorter cooking time means that the the healthy polyphenols that extra virgin olive oil is known for aren’t destroyed either.

Robust Olive Oils

  • Cooking meats and seafood
  • Drizzled over balls flavours like garlic or peppers
  • Used in making marinades

Medium Intensity

  • Dipping your bread in Great with the dash above sonic
  • drizzled over mozzarella
  • used as a vinaigrette
  • poured over vegetables when cooking

Delicate Olive Oils

  • Used as a substitute for mayonnaise
  • Used as a butter substitute in baking

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