How to Debone a Leg of Lamb

Festive Lamb Activities

While you can just go and buy a leg of lamb that has already been deboned, some people like to use the bone from their leg of lamb to make their gravy. Be aware though – you can easily butcher your leg of lamb (excuse the pun) if you don’t know what you are doing. We highly recommend that you only do this if your knife skills are on point.

Make sure your knife is sharp.

Rinse your meat and pat dry.

Place the joint, meat side down on a board. Using a sharp knife, cut through the flesh to the bones. Holding the knife to the bone, scrape away and roll back the meat until you reach the knuckle point.

Cut around the knuck joint and scrape the meat from bone until the bone comes cleaning away. Remove the remaining bone in the same way. Cook the bones to make gravy stock.

Using a sharp knife, carefully cut through the thicker muscles of the meat until the joint can be opened easily and laid out flat.

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