Cooking with Olive Oil

Cooking with Olive Oil

As Extra Virgin Olive Oil has never been heated before, it is perfectly safe to use when cooking. Even world renowned Chefs like Chef Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay cook with Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a low smoking point. Recent studies have shown that when Extra Virgin Olive Oil reaches its smoking point, the oil doesn’t impart any bad tastes in the foods (even though it has now lost the delicate flavours that are found in Extra Virgin Oil).

However, as Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most expensive oil, doing this does get relatively expensive.  While Olive Oil adds flavour and moisture to foods, the best flavours will be found when using Extra Virgin Olive Oil raw/cold. (E.g. On top of a salad) This means that heating it up to smoking point is a “waste” of money when it comes to the loss of flavour from Olive Oil.

When Steve (CEO of Wilson’s Foods), first started selling olive oil from the back of his car, he noted that the Chefs at even the most prestigious restaurants would blend the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Seed Oils. Steve therefore created a blended product, as a more stable and cost effective option – this was the birth of our Sky Olive Range (10% and 15%) as well as our CanOlive Range.

When cooking with these oils, you will note that your pan will not “blacken“ as fast, making the pan far easier to clean!

Top tip for Chef Wolfgang Puck: When making an omelette, put a little bit of olive oil in your pan before you put in your butter. This way your butter won’t burn.

See? Even world renowned Chefs blend their Olive Oil.

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