Congratulations to Ladles of Love!

Wilson’s Foods are very proud of the relationship we have built with Ladles of Love. Elevating the plight of the homeless is close to our CEO’s heart, and this was one of the major reasons for the beginning of our relationship with Ladles of Love 3 years ago.

Steve, our CEO, first started helping at their soup kitchen and is now the official driver at Ladles of Love!
We have been blown away by how far Ladles of Love have grown in these past 6 years and feel it is important to recognise that this amazing foundation was operating before Covid19.

On Saturday the 18th of July 2020, Ladles of Love had a huge dream – to make 125,000 sandwiches in 67 minutes. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their services on the day, Ladles of Love managed to break a record with over 304,000 sandwiches made!
Ladles of Love have an incredible project still running called “The Covid19 Food and Sandwich Drive” and you can be involved in this too! Click here to jump to Ladles of Love’s Sign Up Form.

To find out more about this foundation, click here.

Thanks Mr Wilson for going beyond and putting words into actions. We are proud to have you as our CEO.

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