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Marcelle Curtis – Hotshot Marketing Manager



Steve Wilson the olive oil man

Steve Wilson – Founder and bulk buyer







Ginny “The olive oil Fundi” Solomou – Quality manager








Robbie Smith – Production Manager








Julie Fisher, the one who knows what’s happening!








Mike “Sporro” our stores and receiving guy!








Our Products

1000 Lt flowbin

1000 Lt IBC flowbin

Group Shot - Range HR









Our most significant milestones

  • 1997IMG_8207 Discovery of a local farm from which one could buy great value olive oil. Active selling to restaurants from boot of Steve’s VW Golf
  • 1998 Development of the concept of blended olive oil and seed oil. Supply, from garage, of 200 Cape Town restaurants.
  • Registration of “CanOlive” trademark. Discovery of lime farm in Swaziland, and development of a market for fresh limes, and for lime juice.
  • 1999 Switched from supplying restaurants to supplying food service wholesalers
  • 2002 Entered into partnership with John Thorp, “Mr Oil RSA”. Moved from garage operation to formal factory in Somerset West
  • 2003 First container of drums imported from Borges, Spain.
  • Launch of consumer and industrial ranges. (250 ml and 500 ml glass for the consumers, and 200 Lt and up for the industrial sector)
  • 2006 Bought out John Thorp’s share. Purchase of 1200 square metre factory in Ottery, Western Cape
  • 2007 Introduction of innovative “Butter Substitute” product
  • 2008 First business in the country to import in 21 MT flexitanks
  • 2012 Switched to local procurement. First receipt of 30 MT tankers of oil direct from farms. Commissioning of proprietary 1 Lt PET mould
  • 2013 Marketing campaign in Gauteng nets 95% of independent Food Service wholesalers.
  • 2014 First new significant product in seven years. Coconut oil is the Next Big Thing!
  • 2015 Employed Marketing Manager. Completion of HACCP project. Appointed to board of SA Olive (Pic below)

Our Mission!

Everyone with whom we engage will benefit therefrom.

We will develop long-term relationships with suppliers, staff, and customers.

We will be the leading independent oil dealer in the country.

We will be known for integrity, customer service, and attention to detail.

A Scrapbook of pix from our old website

pomace is so 2013 doll!

pomace is so 2013 doll!

lifestyle poster reduced


sky olive oil range

xSKY old

xWilson's Organic EV500 cleanedxConsumer range

1000 lt delivery ready!

mini testertanker jokeev jokeolive oyl background

Alexander Mccall Smith

Olive oil can also be used to oil the wheels on a one-legged dachshund!

Tag codes on FMCGs

Another first; our labels sport a tag code, containing LOADS of info. Download a reading-app to your smartphone and find a bunch of useful info!




olive and popeyeinteractive olive oil exhibitfirst bottle revamped sky 201209receiving tanker in wintercleaning flowbin in winterrhinose on nissanboland buying trip 201304